by Duality237

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released December 8, 2011

All music and Lyrics by Joe Lamb and Denise Hudson



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Duality237 Dundee, UK

Duality237 is the other side of the mind. it's what's on the inside of the pie. the hammers in the piano. No accents were harmed during the making of these songs.

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Track Name: Columbia
I couldn't leave with you
wasn't what I would choose
the choice was taken out of
Our hands
and they were tied
they told us who would go
how long they'd stay below
all stood congraulating
both my friends they sympathised
I knew then it was true
I just had this job to do
made it more bearable
to know

That hist'ry would recall
but down beneath it all
just couldn't shake it off
and keep that thought
from running through my mind

will they remember me at all?

I always said to you
I would give you the moon
i only had the chance but
that promise couldn't last
broke when they broke my heart
said I would play a part
I sat there devesated
while my friends were idolised
The pain within your eyes
is worse than that I feel inside
makes it unbearable
to know

That hist'ry would recall
but down beneath it all
just couldn't shake it off
and keep that thought
from running through my mind

will they remember me at-

-all I can say now
is I'll try
to silently wait
while hist'ry writes their names
and all I can do now
is to say I flew
but why does it feel
that after the fear
of planetfall
they wont remember me at all?

So here I am alone
so many miles from home
see were the Eagle's gone
valour and fame are won
thanks to the choice they made
Fortune favours the brave
i sit in my tin can
they take that one small step for man
the race for space is won
by America's new favourite sons
makes it unbearable
to know

That hist'ry will recall
but down beneath it all
just couldn't shake it off
and keep that thought
from running through my mind

will they remember me at all?
Track Name: Something Very Horrible ("Bluebeard's Lament") - radio edit
They tied our hands together
that time that we met
It was maybe a little intense for our first date

And I don't have a homeland now
No one's really from anywhere I s'pose
I've heard the rumors but I'm lying here undressed

My love, you'll be alright
You've reached a place of safety
Be careful, good night
don't look behind your fears
For I have drawn a curtain right over the darkness
Here, come claim your home
don't look for hidden halls

In the morning I'm not shy because you're mine
And you say these things - they're all for me
And I don't put no stock
in all the suspicious storytellings
when my mind is shocked by love
Then you tell me not to walk on down the hall

For anything, (for anything)
For anything...
My love I thought I gave you all that you wanted...
So now we'll go away into the darkness

And you know what curiosity did for that cat

They tied our hands together, the *last* time we met
(it was almost too easy, it was almost too tragic)
You say that I have all of your resources, and your love
(I waited for the inevitable end of the line)

Only one thing that I asked
(you gave me the keys)
You know what curiosity did for the cat
My beautiful girl
(to everything, to everything -)

(How can a man who can touch me like you do...)
I already know you will ignore my requests
(...be so violent and sad, with no regret … )
And now the key will never wipe clean
Track Name: Indigo

No one ever said it was going to be easy
A primary color a thing one can believe in
but I only wanted the truth
I wanted you / to buy into it,
believe what I thought I knew
…believe / in me

Believe what you read
Believe what you see
don't ask to look for what I've already shown
or go digging for what you should know
paint pure white over with Indigo

What's this, that, I see
meaningless drivel
we drown in incertainty
There is noise all around our safety zone
and we cannot make the people believe

But I want to believe in you
And I want you to believe in me

Night's not black you know
it's tinted a darker blue of doubt
the indigo, that chills your soul
you lose your faith in the cold
trust me I know

but even though it's cold
wrapped in you
the blue slips all around me
it holds me down
you're all I know
and all is indigo

And I would drown you deep in the indigo sea of me
And I would let you breathe right through me

so why tint your dreams
you cannot leave your destiny
Track Name: To The End of the World
Now.... I see the sun fall
on the town where I belong.
The wide Dundee sky
that I've known
all my life... Could I go
off to the end
of the world?
We'd fly.........................

How can I
leave behind
the Law and the Tay?
Taking them down,
to the end
of the world.


Although I love this town,
it's time that I
learn to fly.
Leaving behind
all I've known,
to find what I can find.
Fly, to the end
of the world.


If we can we'll make it our prize,
all we can do with all we can find.
Where we are from is a space in our minds
taking, creating, the places inside.
The towns that we left we'll find in our world,
the love that we hold,
we're taking tonight,
taking tonight,
taking tonight,
to the end...
Track Name: Mars Ain't The Kind Of Place...

Unpack my bags... I'm coming home
and home is where my heart is.
And I've been so long,
it's strange that I can't fly.
Strange that I can't fly.

And now I see, what I could never see
when I flew in the sky.
Forever night, every day!
I could not see the stars.
But now my nights are everything.
The nights will all be mine,
till I'll no longer be,
till I'll no longer be...
... the Rocket Man.

My final flight... came to your door,
our home was left as always.
'cos I'd been gone so long,
and I had flown so high.
I had flown so high.

And now I see, what I could never see,
when I flew in the sky.
Forever night, but now those stars,
I see them in your eyes.
And now our nights are everything.
The nights are yours and mine,
and I'll no longer be,
and I'll no longer be
... the Rocket Man.

This timeless flight,
is done and gone,
but you can give me time,
and give me peace...

So I will be inside your arms,
the only place I long to be,
and I will be,
where I can sleep.
The Earth will cradle me,
and I'll no longer be,
I'll no longer be...