DJ Ranger Den / Mix Master J - Unholy Alliance

from by Duality237



this was recorded for the third round of Nur Ein Vi if Joebrain tells you that he has never participated in a songfight, he is only TECHNICALLY telling the truth.

This is not our best recording and we will be redo-ing and rereleasing it. I'm a little out of sync on it, but it's not bad for a quick afternoon's writing/recording work across an ocean - done at the last minute in a Den-like fashion!

This links up to the same track posted at Den's own bandcamp with her other Nur Ein tunes (Joebrain helped her not get eliminated that round and she stayed for a couple more after that!). You can get to some of the others there and find some of her other songfight stuff too.

Joebrain of course is at


from Duality, released December 8, 2011
(i don't know who did the cover-art for this fight-round of NurEin, but the page for the fight is here:




Duality237 Dundee, UK

Duality237 is the other side of the mind. it's what's on the inside of the pie. the hammers in the piano. No accents were harmed during the making of these songs.

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